Privacy Policy

Tyroola is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information held about individuals in accordance with applicable laws. "Personal information" is information about an identifiable individual or a reasonably identifiable individual, as defined by applicable law. Tyroola has implemented measures to comply with its obligations under the relevant New Zealand privacy laws.

This policy applies to Tyroola Pty Ltd (ABN 23169178116) ("Tyroola" or "we" "us" or "our"), and describes the way that Tyroola collects, holds and discloses personal information about individuals. This policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions for using this Website at ("Website") and any other websites operated by us which you should happen to use/read.

Privacy statements in relation to our websites and in relation to calls received by our telephone enquiry service are also incorporated into this policy.

Our Privacy Collection Statement

Under the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 (including the Information Privacy Principles), we are required to make you aware of certain matters on collection of your information. This Policy incorporates our Privacy Collection Statement, as it addresses all of these matter:

- our identity and contact details;
- the facts and circumstances, and the purposes, of collection of personal informatiion;
- the consequences for you if personal information is not colllected;
- other entities, bodies or persons to which personal information is usually disclosed;
- information about access and correction of, and how you may complain about the way we handle, your personal information; and
- cross-border disclosures of personal information.


Why does Tyroola collect my personal information?

Tyroola collects and holds your personal information to allow it to perform its business functions.

For example, Tyroola may collect and use the following kinds of personal information:

  • information about your use of this Website including which pages you visit and the length of time you remain on those pages;

  • information that you provide for the purpose of registering with our Website;

  • information about transactions carried out over this Website

  • information that you provide for the purpose of subscribing to the Website services; and

  • any other information that you send to us.


What personal information does Tyroola hold?

During the course of our business, we may collect personal information from you. The types of personal information Tyroola collects will depend on the nature of your dealings with Tyroola and may (but does not always) include:

  • Your contact details;

  • Gender;

  • Date of birth;

  • Address

  • Personal and/or work contact details (including phone/fax number/email address, business name and authorised representative name and contact details, address);

  • Your service preferences and purchase history;

  • Any information about you which you provide through forms submitted on our Website including: Car owned, Service Requirement, as well as promotions, competitions or customer surveys; and/or payment details (e.g. credit card number).

If necessary, Tyroola may also ask you to provide additional personal information from time to time, including when you access our telephone service.


What if you don’t provide Tyroola with the personal information it requires?

If you can't, or won't, provide Tyroola with the personal information it reasonably requires, Tyroola may be unable to provide you with the information, goods or services you have requested.


How does Tyroola collect my personal information?

Tyroola tries to collect personal information directly from you. That collection generally occurs when you:

  • Request information from, or have dealings directly with Tyroola;

  • Submit your information via a form on the Website such as when you contact us, seeking mechanical services, or when joining as a fitter or mechaic;

  • Participate in a competition or trade promotion conducted by Tyroola;

  • Participate in a survey conducted by Tyroola or one of its related companies;

  • Access or request information from the Website; or

  • Provide information to Tyroola's customer telephone service operator.

In some circumstances, however, Tyroola may also collect your personal information in accordance with relevant privacy laws from other entities covered by this policy or third parties (including fitters and mechanics registered with Tyroola), or publicly available sources of information. All personal information that we collect, is reasonably necessary for the provision of our goods and services to our customers and for the purposes of marketing communications.

We also collect information about visitors to this website using cookies and other identification technologies (e.g. through code embedded in this website, or through code embedded in your browser’s local storage – see section on “cookies and other identification technologies” below).

Our purpose in collecting personal information about you is for the purposes of fulfilling your order, conducting business with you, and providing you with a better web and shopping experience.

In seeking to give you the most worthwhile online experience possible, we may notify you of products and special offers that may be of interest to you. We may also provide value-added services and offers. This information helps us better understand the products and services most helpful to you. Tyroola will take steps as reasonable in the circumstances (if any) to ensure that you are aware of the purposes for collecting your personal information. Such notifications may be from Tyroola registered fitters or mechanics where your information is collected (for disclosure to, or on behalf of, Tyroola) by such an entity.


Cookies and other identification technologies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by websites, apps, online media, and advertisements.

We use cookies and other identification technologies on our Site for a number of purposes, including: to identify, customise and deliver content such as advertisements, promotions or offerings of greatest interest to you, gather statistical information and better understand individual use. In certain cases, we share this information with third parties to assist us in this process. These technologies may involve placing and using data in your browser or system’s local storage. Pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs and similar technologies may also be used by us or our third party service providers to measure the success of marketing campaigns and compile statistics about communications and site usage.

Furthermore, and as is common practice, we may identify and compile information concerning your IP address (a number automatically assigned to your device by your internet service provider) which helps us to calculate site usage levels, diagnose technical problems and administer our websites and other applications or platforms.

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept or enable our use of cookies and other identification technologies. You can do this by configuring your computer so that it disables cookies or does not accept them and by clearing your local cache or browsing history. For further information about cookies, including information setting out how to view the cookies have been set on your device and how to manage and delete them, you can visit


How does Tyroola use my personal information?

Tyroola uses your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected, including (but not limited to).

  • Connecting you with fitters and mechanics to respond to your request. For this reason, we may share your name, contact details and other personal information you have shared with us to prospective fitters and mechanics so they can assess the service and get in contact with you to discuss how they can help;

  • If you are a mechanic or fitter, we may keep your information and use it to contact you about clients and other matters relevant to your business that we believe may interest you;

  • Providing you with the Tyroola goods or services you request;

  • Promoting and marketing Tyroola's current and future products and services (including to you).

  • Informing you of upcoming events, special promotions and offers, discounts, and other matters which Tyroola considers may be of interest to you;

  • Conducting research (including but not limited to client surveys) concerning Tyroola's current and future products or services; and

  • Administering, reviewing and optimising the performance of Tyroola's services (including allocating clients to fitters and mechanics) and improving the effectiveness of any software used to connect clients to fitters and mechanics; and

  • Improving the operation or navigation of Tyroola's Website.

Tyroola may also use your personal information for other purposes related to those listed above and which will be made clear to you at the time Tyroola collects that information, or for such purposes as may be required or permitted by law.

If Tyroola uses your personal information for direct marketing purposes, all correspondence sent to you by Tyroola will give you the opportunity to "opt out" of receiving any further direct marketing correspondece.

If we use your personal information to send you any direct marketing communications, you have the right to request that we provide you with the source of that personal information. There is no fee for requesting this information. Unless it is impracticable or unreasonable to do so, we will provide you with the source of the personal information.


Will Tyroola give my personal information to anyone else?

In providing you with the information, goods or services you request, Tyroola may be required to disclose your personal information to:

  • Tyroola's consultants, contractors and service providers that perform services including (but not limited to) promotions agencies, advertising agencies, legal and accounting services, credit reporting, mail-house, transport, prize providers, marketing, data analysis and processing and printing services; and/or

  • Tyroola's registered fitters and mechanics, which may operate or hold data in New Zealand or overseas countries. If Tyroola provides your personal information to such a party, Tyroola generally requires the third party to protect your personal information in the same way Tyroola does. Please note that New Zealand law may not apply to some of these entities.

Tyroola may also disclose your personal information to other third parties where it is required or permitted to under any applicable law.


Disclosure of information overseas

Tyroola may transfer your personal information to people in foreign countries to fulfil our business purposes, such as processing. These may include service providers in countries such as Romania, the Philippines, the United States, India, and Singapore. By providing your personal information, you consent to this transfer.


Is my personal information secure?

Tyroola takes reasonable steps to ensure personal information it holds about you is protected from risks such as misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, use, destruction, modification or disclosure.

No data transmission over the Internet is totally secure. As a result, any personal information you send to Tyroola over the Internet (including via email) is sent at your own risk.


Your rights of access and correction

The accuracy of your personal information is important. Tyroola takes reasonable steps to ensure personal information it holds about you is accurate, complete, up-to-date, relevant and not misleading. If you believe that any personal information Tyroola has about you is incorrect, please contact us at (02) 8295 7125 or

You have a general right to access the personal information Tyroola holds about you. You may contact us at to request details of your personal information.


Tyroola can deny your request in some circumstances and, if it does so, will provide you with written reasons for that denial. We will take reasonable steps to give access in a way that meets both Tyroola's needs and your needs..

While there is no fee for requesting access to the personal information Tyroola holds about you, Tyroola reserves the right to charge a reasonable price for preparing and providing that information to you.

You also have the right to request the correction of personal information which Tyroola holds about you. You may do so at any time by contacting us at

Tyroola does, however, reserve the right to refuse to correct your information in some circumstances.

If Tyroola refuses to correct any personal information about you and subsequent agreements cannot be reached between the parties on this issue, you may request that a note or statement regarding the correction requested be attached to your personal information.

We will not charge you a fee for requesting a correction to your personal information, correcting that information, or attaching a statement to your personal information (as relevant).

Even if you don't submit such a request, if we are satisfied with the reasons for which we hold your personal information, that personal information is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, irrelevant or misleading, we may take reasonable steps to correct that information.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Tyroola reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If Tyroola changes this Privacy Policy, it will post a copy of the updated policy on this Website. Your continued use of this Website or interactions with Tyroola following that posting will constitute your acceptance of the revised policy terms.


How do I obtain more information or lodge a privacy complaint?

If you:

  • Require further information regarding this Privacy Policy or any other steps Tyroola has taken to protect your personal information or privacy;

  • Have any concerns or a complaint regarding Tyroola's privacy practices or its management of your personal information; or

  • Consider that we have breached the APPs,

Please contact us at

We acknowledge and take very seriously every privacy query and complaint that we receive. Tyroola will endeavour to respond to you within 20 business days.