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Bridgestone is at the forefront of performance, safety and quality where their notable innovative ideas and commitment in R&D has seen their new tyre building system voted as "Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year" in 2017

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Pirelli tyres in action

Bridgestone tyres in action

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Potenza Adrenalin RE003

The Potenza Adrenalin RE003 lives up to its name, unleashing the sports driver within you through smooth handling performances in all conditions delivering an all-powerful driving experience on the road.

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Bridgestone strives to understand the specific needs required by working closely with OEM's to fine-tune every element in the tyre to the vehicle to meet those particular demands. Bridgestone partners with a number of brands including Iveco, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Renault, Scania, Ferrari, Volkswagen and more.

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