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Goodride SL 366

The Goodride SL 366 is an off-road tyre specifically for the commercial light-truck, SUV and smaller transport vehicles. These vehicles carry heavier loads than family SUVs and compact cars, so a durable and robust tyre is expected and preferred. The SL366 is specially designed for unpaved, rocky, and rougher roads. Its innovative tread compound is optimised to boost tyre life as well as deliver exceptional grip on harsh surfaces like mud and sand. High gripping power and sidewall or shoulder protection are highlights of the Goodride brand and is correct for the SL366 as well. It features shoulder blocks that give added protection to the tyre, increasing cornering capabilities in all-terrain conditions. The Goodride SL366 is a quality product of the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., an almost 50-year-old Chinese tyre giant that aims to provide safe and affordable tyres for nearly every application.

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