Goodyear Cargo G26

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A Premium Commercial Tyre at the Cheapest Price Online

Buy the Goodyear Cargo G26™, a reliable summer highway tyre for light trucks and vans for commercial use.

It offers superior traction and handling for safe on-road performance. It is also very comfortable to drive on, thanks to its low noise level and smooth ride.

Goodyear Cargo G26 Reviews

For a new generation of light trucks and vans
Goodyear's popular commercial tyre

Goodyear Cargo G26 tyres in action

Setting new standards for commercial tyres

  • Made using a specialised silica tread compound that provides superior traction in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Features a larger contact patch for better traction and stability, especially when cornering and during higher speeds.
  • Includes a rim flange protector to prevent damage to your wheels during tyre blowouts or even when cornering.
  • With semi-open shoulders to help evacuate water and slush from the tread area.
  • With reinforced tyre sidewalls for extra protection and strength.

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The Goodyear Cargo G26 vs the Competition

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