Continental Crosscontact LX Sport

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Buy the Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport, an touring all season tyre developed to help crossovers, SUVs and light trucks perform in urban road settings.

It combines a quiet and comfortable ride with all-season traction, even in light snow.

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High performance tyres for every day terrains
Continental tyre technology at its finest

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport tyres in action

For total road confidence

  • Features Continental's Acoustic Alterra Technology to reduce road noise.
  • With stiff tread blocks on the centre tread for impressive handling and braking performance. optimum handling and braking performance.
  • Extra shoulder tread blocks and sipes guarantee extra braking power in wet conditions
  • Features twin steel belts for internal strength and a polyester cord body for extra cushioning for bumps on the road.
  • Includes a rim protector via a flanged lower sidewall to prevent cornering and curb damages.

Why This Tyre?

What's the Pros And Cons?

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport UTQG 480 A A

Compare and Rate Your Tyre on its Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature

Continental Crosscontact LX Sport

480 A A

•  480 Treadwear:
This grade represents the tyre's expected life/duration, ranging between 100 to 1000. Usually, the higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tyre life.

•  A Traction:
This grade represents the tyre's capability to stop on wet asphalt and pavement. Ratings are expressed in letter form, with AA being the highest and C as the lowest.

•  A Temperature:
This grade represents the tyre's heat resistance ability, with A as the highest and C as the lowest. Heat build-up causes the rubber to break down faster, which can cause blowouts. The higher the temperature rating, the longer the tyre life and the higher the speed rating.

The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is an Asymmetrical Tyre


Asymmetrical tread patterns combine different tread types to deliver maximum wet and dry road grip via its inner and middle tread, while outside, larger and rigid tread blocks dominate the design to improve cornering.

To avoid fitting mistakes, asymmetrical tyres are labelled "outside" and "inside only" so you know if they will face your vehicle or out.

The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport is a Silent Tyre


Also known as low–noise or noise–reducing tyres, this tyre is designed to produce less noise than traditional tyres while driving.

Noise–canceling technologies include:

•  Advanced tread designs:
Optimizes air flow in the tyre grooves for a quiet ride.

•  Specialized rubber tread compounds:
Absorbs road vibrations for less noise.

•  Made with sound absorbing materials:
Special polyurethane foam layers inside the tyre reduce noise and absorb vibrations.

Continental OEM Tyres

The Continental ContiCrossContact LX Sport is the chosen extensive original equipment for selected Tesla and Land Rover models.

Continental's engineers designed a bespoke tyre specifically for these new vehicle models.

Each OEM tyre is engineer-tested to ensure it meets the performance, safety, and fuel efficiency standards that benefit the vehicle.

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The Continental Crosscontact LX Sport vs the Competition

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