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The Goodride SC 328 is a light truck tyre, used for light tracks, vans and small buses. It is designed to hold heavier loads for use on urban and highway terrains. Four main wide ribs are used to increase the amount of contact the tyre makes on the ground and to even the spread of the load, increasing the tread life of the tyre. Zig-zag grooves are used to increase traction and grip on wet roads. 3 main circumferential grooves are used to disperse of water through the tread blocks as well as the shoulder sipes, to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The special silica compound of the tyre ensures longevity and also lowers rolling resistance, helping to increase fuel efficiency.

Why This Tyre?

What's the Pros And Cons?

The Goodride SC 328 is an Asymmetrical Tyre


Asymmetrical tread patterns combine different tread types to deliver maximum wet and dry road grip via its inner and middle tread, while outside, larger and rigid tread blocks dominate the design to improve cornering.

To avoid fitting mistakes, asymmetrical tyres are labelled "outside" and "inside only" so you know if they will face your vehicle or out.


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