Kumho Solus KR 21

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The Kumho Solus KR 21 is a touring tyre available for coupes, family sedans, and crossover SUVs. It seamlessly combines robust all-season handling and traction with a quiet, smooth and stress-free ride in one cost-effective and affordable tyre. The KR21 is a fuel-efficient tyre that features four circumferential grooves and deeper sipes to reduce hydroplaning. Its Kumho engineered advanced carbon tread compound adds to the overall length of its tread life and also increases grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. To further enhance its all-weather capabilities, the KR21 includes Cross-groove shoulders which enlarge the tread area. It adds 'biting edges' to the tyre surface which improves traction and handling in light snow conditions. It is also a quiet tyre with noise effectively reduced via notched intermediate ribs and the continuous centre rib around the tread.


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