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Rapid Tyres is a budget tyre brand that, let's face it, you've probably never heard of before. Owned by The Shengtai Group, Radar is part of a massive Chinese conglomerate that manufactures tyres for cars, SUVs, both big and light trucks, commercial buses and even for aeroplanes. The company owns ten brands and produces over 21 million tyres yearly in a state of the art facility in China. Despite its relative anonymity, Rapid has been 'rapidly' gaining attention from industry insiders and customers for their dynamic patterns, innovative design, and robust endurance, and high quality despite it being a budget or 'cheaper' brand. Rapid is now Available on Tyroola as it hopes to become the low priced tyre category leader in the Australian Market.

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Meet The Rapid P609

The Rapid P609 is designed for use on high performance vehicles, mainly in urban driving conditions. Featuring optimal grip, braking and traction in all weather conditions, the P609 sports an asymmetrical tread pattern that promotes improved handling and cornering even at high speeds.

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