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With the automobile industry getting increasingly innovative, tyre companies today need to be forward-thinking in order to keep up. With futuristic technologies and quality products, Roadstone is more than ready for the challenge. Established in 1942, the firm opened its first production unit in Korea. With innovations like the V-shaped directional tyre, Roadstone proved itself as a worthy player in the industry. As the firm grew in market share, it opened other manufacturing units in Korea and China. Additionally, it also developed an R&D network that spans across continents. With its products being sold in over 100 countries, Roadstone tyres are truly a global brand today. Tyroola offers quick and fast delivery across Australia with free shipping to metro areas such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Roadstone - A Brand For The Future

  • Passenger Vehicles: For lighter vehicles, Roadstone offers options classified according to seasonal requirements. The smooth, stable N'FERA series or the fast, sporty N-series are ideal for summer conditions. However, on wet, snowy roads, the siped WinGuard tyres are guaranteed to give you superior grip and control. Alternately, the all-season tyres from the N-series are perfect for round-the-year performance and stability.
  • SUVs: Roadstone offers extra-durable tyres for heavier vehicles like SUVs. If you are looking for seamless on-road performance, go for the uniformly designed N'Fera tyres, or choose the directional tread pattern of the Roadian series. Off-road drivers can opt for tougher, reinforced tyres from the Radial or Roadian series.
  • Light Trucks:CP series tyres from Roadstone are designed especially for light trucks. They feature a unique block-type tread pattern that offers excellent stability. For winter driving, you can choose EuroWin or WinGuard tyres that are optimised for performance in rain or snow.

Roadstone - A Brand For The Future

While technological innovation is a major USP of Roadstone tyres, the brand also aims for eco-friendliness. The N'blue series is the result of Roadstone's move towards green technology. These tyres feature a unique tread design that helps reduce rolling resistance, thereby offering better energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions; performance of these tyres is given top priority too. In a test conducted by the British magazine Auto Express, the N'blue HD tyres were ranked 3rd among 8 major tyres. Conducted in September 2012, the test subjected this 205/55R16 sized tyre to dry and wet handling and it was lauded for its performance on the wet circuit. So whether you want stability, responsiveness or performance, Roadstone tyres give you true winners to choose from.

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